Saturday, 27 April 2013

I Have Lost it

I have lost the much needed energy to continue working for this company. The passion that ignites me every morning to report and make it happen is all gone. Nothing excites me about it anymore.
My supervisor has been complaining lately about my lateness, actually i don't want to appear on any black book but i feel my time is up. I have done enough for this company already, not even a promotion or a pay rise would motivate me.

I have downloaded a resignation letter and saved it in my computer for editing. Every other day i look forward to submitting my letter to the human resource. I visualize and even feel what i may experience then. one word freedom.

I feel am currently carrying two babies and am in labor  i need to deliver them. one is to publish a long waited book and a company that i need to register a company like yesterday.

The spark is gone, no mounts of gifts would restore my love for the job. i have only been i feel like am gonna have an ex very soon. I want something that will push my adrenaline, something that will put my creativity in use. I feel my potential is being wasted. Coming to sit, receive calls and go home get paid pay bills is so full of routine, this isn't exciting at all.

Am like a shock absorb er for this company, all i do is receive calls and forward the complains to respective departments for action. It can get frustrating especially when it has taken so long for an action to be taken and you have no idea why.

I work for customer service and a customer told me i need to one down! phweks..every one tells me pass on baton. i feel them, am not at best right now.

I will be back to tell you about my new life..

Saturday, 20 April 2013

My time is up

We were over the moon
We created our own world
where peace, love and harmony lived
Until we let
We have tried, we tried eeeh tried
We both know our time is up
We must let it go

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Live your Best today

Yesterday, my hubby received some disturbing news, the doctors said  his daddy is very  ill as the cancer has now spread to his whole body.  One doctor said that daddy should now prepare a will, another prescribed some drugs and gave an appointment to check on him once again. It has scared my hubby to the core, i know he is worried. I am short of words and all i can afford is a warm hug and a prayer.

It got me thinking how we take life for granted. It is the simple things that matter. To daddy walking a mile is now an achievement, having a bowel movement is a milestone achieved, finishing a simple fruit is great joy to all of us.

Worry not about tomorrow  it may never come. Appreciate those who love you, love your enemies anyway, they are the reason you are grateful for what you have today, rem they hate you for a reason.

Enjoy the trip that you have been planning for ever, smile and say halo to the strangers, remind your children how much they mean to you and how big you dream for them, bless them, wish them well.

Drop all them grudges and reach out to your enemies. Forgive those who have made the worst of your memories. Accept the past and look forward to a better future  Love again, learn how to trust again. Give it your all.

Live your life, and live now