Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Moment is now

Tomorrow is so uncertain
Friendships are uncertain
Relationships never seem to work
Marriages are no longer glamorous
Homes are breaking
Nations against a nation
Friend against a friend
Jobs no longer secure
The world is no longer safe
One may be long gone before getting to the future
Life can be uncertain

The only thing that is certain is now
And death of course

You told me this morn that you love me
You always do
I don't take that for granted
Life has taught me to enjoy this moment
Am gonna celebrate our love
Our happiness
When trying times comes,
We will sort those issues then

I don't wanna live to regret on
Why i didn't tell you that 
“I love you more” or
“I cherish you”
Am so proud of you my love
I really thank God, HE is a perfect matchmaker

We dwell too much on the negative
Forgetting life is about being positive
Having the right attitude
Not forsaking those we claim to love

I will make use of NOW to the fullest
I will not postpone what I can do now
I will do it now

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The good fight

We were meant to be together
We were meant to fight it as a couple
We were supposed to keep it within us till we win
We let in a third party
Who came with their own opinion
That didn't suit us 
We were just cowards
We have been through tough times before
This, is a passing cloud

It has taken a toll on us
We can emerge better
As long as we will be willing to work it out
We are afraid of the unknown
Isn't this what couples go through?
We can choose to mend or break it
Lets do it once more
Lets mend it

Lets go back to our better days
Focus on that for now
As we struggle to mend this
Because we were mean for each other

Friday, 16 March 2012

The writing on the wall

We met and conquered the world
We dined and wined
We partied hard
Our future was one
We lived for each other
We were happy
We were in control
We shared a life together
We shared a legacy
So we thought
Until now
Our goals were different after all
Our take on issues can't be compared
Once we started living,
Our dreams took control
We now are complete strangers

No one wants to be the first to say goodbye
Although the writing is on the wall
Goodbye is painful
It's awful
It brings the worst in us
We have got to carry on
It's time to let go
It's time to break up

We are so different now
Our taste of life is like east and west
 Life has taken a sharp turn on us
I wish you well
I hope life treats you good

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Happy Birthday My love

When i asked for an angel God gave me you
When i told HIM to give me a friend
   HE said “he is more than a friend”
When i asked for a confidant
       HE said “take him, he is the best gift you will ever receive”
When i asked for someone i can trust
       HE said “don't you worry child, he will make you happy”
All these years (they have flown) we have been together,
          Although it hasn't been easy it has been awesome
Thanks For being so good to me
You are a darling
Thanks, for the compromise, for the love, for being a warm and loving friend
You are a cool company
A great soul to be around with
God bless you!

Whenever you step in you liven up a dull environment
You bubbly laughter is so infectious
You make every difficult situation look so easy
You support and encouragement is a plus
You keep your word
You bring the best out of nothing
You teach me resilience
You  teach me love
You are just the Best
If i went back in time i would still choose you

May every challenge you face make you stronger for the next
May every foundation lay bring forth happiness to those around you and the world
May you receive your golden gift from above
May every choice you make bring joy in your life?
May all fears you may face bring the successor in you
May every low tide be a stepping stone to greater heights
May you live long and even longer so i can be with you longer
May every encounter bring a great lesson to your life
May your love for me never die
May your heart remain tender and loving forever
May our good LORD forever do take care of you all days
  And hearken to your prayers
God bless so so much
And much more with a healthy, wealthy and beautiful years ahead

Happy birthday my Love
May you live long handsome
With Love.......kisses

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The secret in the grave

One Thousand Years
Deep Fears
An ocean of tears
A stressful life time
Confusing theories

Generation after generation
a century of darkness
searching for answers
Looking forward to a better day
A day when the truth will be known at last

In a well manicured grave
That's where the secrets lay
An  icon that refused to die
she haunted an innocent lifeline

A lady an ancestor
was handed an instruction
Age caught up with her
Divorce brought in total separation
Settling in a new home
She forgot about the covenant
The promise
She was also in a remote grave

For fate to meet destiny
One had to find it
To uncover
Take her bones to where they belong
At last they would be free
To live free
and enjoy life

The Only Rose in the Garden

You stayed when even my closest friend left
You have been my supportive friend
You are my strength
When my world comes crumbling down
You always have a solution
You are an earthly angel
You are the only one who understands me
You are my dear wife
I confide in you
Because you are my best friend

It hurts when you doubt me
It pains whenever you don't trust my word
I would never betray such a lovely soul
Who would hurt such a beautiful persona?
Trust me when I say its you I love
I intend to keep the vow I made before God and men
That I would have no other

My weaknesses may lead you to them conclusions
Sweetheart I will be with you all my days
Rest Darling
Temptations are there
But you are always in my mind
Keeps the fire burning
You have me for keeps
By God's grace our marriage will work
We will work it out

On the third day..

A virgin birth
Never heard before
Joseph the best gentle man ever lived
Although felt disturbed
It was divine
He took her in

She was a beautiful lady
I tell you even our LORD got taste!
She said “Thy will be done”
She carried HIM to full term
Born in a major
Humble beginnings
Humble Life
Taught about humility

He came to fulfill a prophecy
To set you free
It wasn't easy but He did it anyway
He cried for hours
He was wounded for my transgressions
Jesus went through it all for me
There is now no condemnation

He was crucified
It  was demeaning
It was painful
It was awful
But that's the only way you would be saved
Don't remain the same today
He arose the third day
Arise from your evil ways
From your wicked ways
Follow Him
You will not  regret

The Ray through the window

A dark night it was
Cold and lonely
My pillow so wet with tears
My life was at a standstill for so long
It was so hard to accept
The pain was so much to bear
Because you said we will Grey together
I believed you
May be i was naive
May be i was in denial
May i trusted too much
I was so wrong
Many years, Memories that i will cherish
The morning comes
With new hope
It's such a beautiful feeling
The past is gone
The hurt aches now all healed
The long crying nights are no more
I love this
The future is glam
It's all so beautiful
I look forward to a better day
Thank goodness
There is a ray of hope after all...

Breath Again

Girlfriend its time to wake from your dream
He is gone
He will not come back
No matter what you do, it's too late
You said it too
That he treated you bad
That he didn't care about your well being
You cried yourself silly every night
Because he came in with a different scent of cologne
Of course he was seeing another girl
You know they do that all the time
Faithful ones are hard to find
They are like the purple gemstones
Almost infinite
The signs were there
He didn't respect you
He hit you often
He forgot about your birthday
He didn't even attend your party
He isn't what he said he was
You did your best but still lost his attention
He was in her arms, that's where he is even now
Although he told you otherwise, he lied he was always in her house
They also have a baby together
He lived a lie too
Cry no more
Rise up
The day is still new and fresh
You will find a prince charming
You will love again
You will Trust again
Life will give you a second chance
Give me a smile..

The Princess within

Am a unique girl with a soft spot for writing
I love to have an audience with a reader
Am one of the most beautiful queens that ever lived
Am a great mum to my lovely children
A loving child to my parents
A cool girlfriend
Am gonna fly high like an eagle
I will not let life issues bring me down
I love with my all
I give my heart in return
In any case it’s broken; i will dust it off cry for days and move on
Am determined to achieve my goals
My children will have the best
They will experience the Best that this world can offer them
I may not be the best for someone but thats me,
but for sure am everything to another
and still i cant please every one
Am gonna let those who want to stay with me do so
And excuse those that will leave
Life hasn't been so good
But i have known to listen to the glow from within
Its bubbly and so alive
I whine no more
I complain no more
I live to the fullest
Am a rich down to earth girl with a legacy to live for
I will conquer the world
No one will pull me down
I will not give up
I will love again and again just in case
I will continue trusting my instincts
Meanwhile we will do skating with my two angels
We will go to the moon via mars
We will fly the man made birds
We will live and let live

Friday, 9 March 2012

Queen of my Heart

It has been a long journey
We have been together for the last sixty years
and married for fifty
You gave me a son darling
He gave us two lovely grandchildren
Although we weren't the best of couples
we tried to keep it cool between us
Always thinking its gonna be alright
That may be the future holds a better life for us
We kept hoping
Months turned to years, years turned to decades
But who thought we would wake up after so many years
and count wasted years, unrealized dreams, unachievable goals
Where would we start all over again
Why would any of us leave
its because we have not had what we wished for when we were young
We gonna let it be
Thank you for the lovely child
The years we have been together
I leave with an experience
I may die sooner than you
The will stays nothing changes
You are my heir, you still will remain a queen of my heart
I leave to east
To refresh my aging mind
Till then...

Feel Loved/

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Am Proud of you Dad

You are the Best dad that any one can ask for
The best friend one longs to have
Your tender heart has touched many
and we know it Best

You raised me up to a responsible lady
I look forward to raising my own the same way
Your words of wisdom will forever live in my heart
Am strong because you say a prayer for everyday
Am doing great because you wish me well
Your warm love is infectious
You have held my hand when am too weak to go on
You have instilled confidence in me that i conquer the world
I won't forget our foundation of love and love for Christ

I know with your blessings
I will achieve
I will go far
I will tell the world "This is my dad's doing"
I look forward to many more beautiful years together
I look forward to learning more from you

Am so proud to be your own
I thank God for letting it be this way
I may have let you down here and there
Forgive me

Am now all mature and grown up
with a family of my own
and can't help but approve every little thing that you said to me
i find myself doing the same
Dad, feel loved

Tears of my Father

My father is a wonderful man
In fact am looking forward to coming Father's day
Where i will spoil him as always
This time i will make it special so he doesn't forget.

He has raised the four of us in a family environment
He was the choirmaster in the house
He has made sacrifices for our own good
He has walked on foot so we can have a meal
He has done
And we have let him down
All his dreams for us have gone to the wind
We have turned out different than he expected
What a mess?
What a disgrace?

We all have turned to our own ways
The strong foundation of Christianity
He taught us and raised us by
We have let it go
No wonder we have turned out this way
We have now reduced him to a walking chemist
Pill after pill is the order if the day
Surely, siblings cant you see dad is suffering?
Cant you change your ways?
Why don't you leave your wicked ways and turn to GOD for
Forgiveness so our family can be healed?
Anyway each of us will repay what we are sowing now
double fold for causing him so much pain

This lovely guy enjoy his life
He deserves a better life
Dear LORD grant our daddy long life
Grant him a healthier life
I seek forgiveness from thee
On behalf of the other three
We have let him down
We have brought him to tears
Wipe them off
Let him enjoy the beautiful world you brought him
Thanks for blessing us with such a lovely dad

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Let me Have my Jesus

Jesus My Jesus
Indeed you are the Prince of peace
Lord of Lords
King of Kings
All Praise and honor belong to you

He has made my life worthy
He is the reason am alive and healthy today
He stands by me every day, every Second
He has made my life complete
He lets me share HIS richness with HIM
He says “this is my child”
He has brought light to my life
He is my strength
He is my closest friend, closer than a brother
He hides me from the enemy
He keeps my family safe from evil
He loves me still
He doesn’t keep a record of my wrongs
He forgives and forgets
He renews my faith everyday
He replenishes my heart by His tender care every day
He keeps my four parents loving and alive
He has kept me safe all these years
He has given me the most handsome hubby
A bright beautiful daughter
A beautiful life
What else would i ask for?

I run to HIM and am safe
I seek HIS face and HE tells me “I have been waiting for you”
He is all i have known all these years
I thank my parents for introducing me to Him
Let me have my Jesus, all ,my days

GO to Gethsemane

When the war rages
Whenever you face a storm
When all isn't well
When your gut tells you things will not be ok
When you discern the evil of tomorrow
What do you do?

Learn from Christ
When the day drew nigh, HE went Gethsemane
He knew the Father would meet HIM there
He cried for hours at the garden of Gethsemane
He knew what was coming up
He knew without the Father's comfort he wouldn't bear the pain
He knew the power of prayer
He knew the impact it would have on his 11 disciples
He knew it would prepare HIM for what was coming

Go to Gethsemane
It's OK if you fall asleep praying there like Peter, John and James did
You are safer there
Christ is your company
He will wake you up
HE was there too and he conquered
No devil will come near you and your loved ones
No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper
Learn to trust in the LORD
HE knows your today more than you do
He knows your going and coming
Don't be disturbed
Take it to the LORD in prayer and leave it there

God bless you and lets meet at Gethsemane

My wife

There are a billion women in the world but none is a lady like you
I gave you my heart you gave me your life
I offered a hand you offered a lifetime of happiness
I asked for love you gave me all your days

Your tenderness can crush an egoistic fellow
You have been with me all these years
Am strong when am in your arms
Am safe in your arms
Am healed in your prayers

Baby gal,
None is like you
You have given me three beautiful children
Whom you have been a great mum to
Do you see how they run to you for protection?
For assurance?
For love?
For comfort?
It’s all because you are our strength
Without you none of us would be here
We love you baby gal

Thanks for being a loving wife
I tear as i write this
I have no words
You are my life gal
Kisses and God bless

A Toss In the Ocean

He isn't your average gentleman
He has upped his game
You want him by your side all your days
He is sensitive
He keeps his word
He is a great listener
He keeps his promises
A dinner under the waters was one of them
I didn't know the day 
I was sure one evening i would spend with the marine
We strolled the shores and later had a toss in the ocean

The evening was splendid
The stars rayed through
The weather was lovely
He wrote my name on the sand and said
“My Love all problems we face will be washed away”
As we got deeper under the waters
He reached to a rock and inscribed my name and said
“My love, nothing will wash away the love I have for you”

That's my man, he loves and loves
He does what the world shuns
He protects me
He praises me and strengthens my weaknesses
He is got a handsome lovely character
He got the face to die for
He is a blessing

Friday, 2 March 2012

May be its time to let go

How long will i keep waiting for you
How long will i stay in the dark?
The stars shine no more
The clouds cover the sky
It’s very cold
Nothing to keep me warm

I have been here for so long
Am hoping against time
That may be you will come back
You will change your mind
You know
I love you
Should i wait?
What is the meaning of the silence?
That i can move on?
That you are no longer interested?

Why do people fall out of love?
Am too old to start all over again
It had never occurred to me that i will be heartbroken
We were ok
So i thought
What do i tell my friends?
Our parents?
That we are done?
Have you been living a lie all this time?

May be its time to let go
May be it wasn't meant to be