Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Presidency

Every time I see the presidential motorcade, the strands of my hair stand
A voice whispers “That’s your calling darling”
There is so much one can do to change the life of citizens but many opt to shun the responsibility


Only enjoy the status quo that comes with the name on the tag

Healthcare and good Nutrition should always come first
Education Second, everything else follow
A nation dies of hunger because of negligence; irrigation can solve mounts of hunger
I know and believe that one day I will be the senior most servant in my beloved Kenya

There is something about me and love for a better Kenya
A Kenya that is healthy and educated
A Kenya without all the junk foods
A Kenya that feeds on only organic
A Kenya that is prescribed genuine drugs
A Kenya without drug abuse
A Kenya with jobs for the youth
A Kenya that all 42 tribes are well represented in the government and the counties
A Kenya that celebrates our diverse culture
A Kenya that shuns tribalism
A Kenya where every voice is heard
It’s just in me to be the CEO of this country


I cant achieve this on my own
We will do it together, when that day comes..
Till Then, God bless you, God bless Kenya

Monday, 27 February 2012

My Sweet Lady

 It was nice meeting you, it was divinely planned.
I came heartbroken, I go home loved
I will tell my people I found a rare precious jewel
I will talk about your kindness, your hospitality
I will tell them about your angelic voice
I will tell them about your hospitality

I will forever remember the innocent loving smile
The glow in your eyes
The beautiful face
The pure soul
Your tears when I said I will be leaving
Your warm hug
Babie gal that will keep my heart fonder
I shall return for more this time for good
I shall come for you

I will be gone but not for too long
I will return
I GO to prepare a place for you
Keep waiting, Keep yourself ready
Don't you ever forget my promise?
In case you do,
Go back to the small haven I made for you
All the memories will refresh back
 Keep on my Love.

Till then, feel loved

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hubby, Love Me Again

Hubby, i don't like it when we argue
I don't like it when you ignore me
My polite gestures are sincere
I don't take your love for me for granted,
It’s all to my gratefulness
You have made enough sacrifices to be with me
That cant go UN noticed
To show that I care and even love you more

You are giving me a cold shoulder
You don't wanna talk
You act like you don't care anymore
There is untold distance between us
The rift is getting deeper by day
Am concerned
Am trying to coax you to former days
Am failing
it hurts
I feel frustrated, Disappointed
Like am a bother

I miss the days i carried you on my back
The romance under the moon
The way you held me from behind
When you were not afraid to show the world the love you’ve got for me
When we stayed late night just talking
When you hugged me the whole night
It feels good to sleep in your warm arms

I don't want to speculate
I don't wanna doubt you
I don't want to cry anymore
I need to trust you

Am gal, and a gal wants to be spoil t with love
Open the doors
Pull the Chair
The little things that stands out from the crowd
The lovely kiss in public
To have flowers occasionally
The lunch date and little surprises still matter
We were more than friends remember?
Didn’t we vow we will be together forever?
Till death do us apart?

Am waiting for the person i loved to come back
Am lonely
Give me back the happy you
The smiling you
The talkative you
The caring you
Am praying,

May be its just a matter of time
Am hoping all will be back to the beautiful old days..

A Personal Complete Make Over

Lately i have been thinking of a personal complete make over
Am tired of routine, the thought of being at the same place for many years wears me out
For the past few years i have graduated from one sphere of life to another, i have become a mum(the best thing in the world),  i have changed careers but nothing seems to motivate me anymore.

I have a soft spot for the written word, may be its a high time i switched
May be thats where I will find my other love
I may get solace there
I will be home, may be
I may find peace of mind
When am all happy and satisfied with my new life
I may radiate more energy to my loved ones

I love to tell a story, a different story
I love to inspire you
I love to get to my world of writing and writing
I love to write about my daughter, she is the apple of my eye
She loves me without questioning
She understands mama
I love it when she says “God bless you”
She is such a sweet angel
We both have made a sacrifice and turned better for both of us
I cant wait for the day we will be together again this time for good.

I have written many books that ain't complete for publishing
I need to step in those shoes and tell the world of my story
The story of my daughter
The untold story

I will soon do that..

Friday, 24 February 2012

Its Never Too Late..

Mama, your gal loved a bad boy and left her heartbroken?
Daddy you feel the pain for your baby gal and wanna strangle the boy?
Who left her heartbroken and pregnant?
Mama raise the baby refuse abortion and tell your little princess

It’s never too late to start again
It’s never too late to love again
It’s never too late to build again
It’s never too late to trust again

You lost a job you loved?
You lost a friend you loved?
You missed a lifetime opportunity?
Your dear friend has betrayed you?
Know what?

It's never too late to make new friends
It's never too late to land to another exciting job
It's never too late to build again
It’s never too late to trust again

Nature rumbled  and destroyed your house?
The bank closed doors?
Your business is no more?
You have been robbed all life investments?

It’s never too late to build again
It’s never too late to save again         
It’s never too late to believe again
Its never too late to be rich again


I promise to love you to the very end
I promise to take care of you
I promise to be with you at all times
I promise to pray for our love at all times
I promise to pray for our children at all times
I promise to be a good mum to them
I promise to be a cheerful wife
I promise I will understand
I promise to stay beautiful for you!
I promise to stay faithful
I promise to keep our vows
I promise to shower you with kindness
I promise..
                   In case
I forget any of the promises
                      Forgive me.


We were both naive when we met; everyday was a lesson to us.
Life honored us to parenthood; it's the most beautiful thing ever
The innocent love, hugs and smiles brighten a dull day
We have been together for so many years now
We have dined and wined together

We have broken up enough times; we may feature in the Guinness book of records
We have been through thick and thin
We have had the most beautiful adventures
We have gone through the untested waters and it turned out well
We have created paths in the deserts and others have followed
We have been through hell and we emerged victorious
Life has proven we were meant to be together

That we will Grey together.
We will be grandparents, our future is one
Thanks for being the love of my life.
Will you marry me?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dear Mama

She is the rock that we all lean to in times of distress
She gets on her knees to ensure we are all protected
She still concerned about the welfare of her grown babies
Her smile is assures us of her care
Her loving hug acknowledges her concern
She loves without questioning
She listens and doesn't judge
She never says I told you
She is our pillar hope
She is our strength
She keeps us bonded
Her discipline have made the girls better people of the society
She is called Mama

God bless you Mama

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dare Tomorrow

How many times have you been told that tomorrow is just a pipe dream?
That live today to the fullest
Tomorrow might never be?

Tomorrow is just a few minutes away!
Plan for it
Live like You will be around for a century
Strive to secure your following decades
Learn to let go today;s misfortune

There's a brighter and better day
There will be plenty
There will be tears to wipe
Sorrows, Grieve and
Happiness too.
Joy will find you
Love will sweep you off your feet
Your children will make you proud
Your career will move higher
Your pocket will be fuller
Your Marriage will work
You will Grey together
Your spouse will be faithful to you
There is hope
Life will grant you a second chance to mend your mistakes
Keep on
Never Let go
that day is coming

That day is Tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Baby Girl

My Baby Gal your tenderness fills me with love
Your Love, my source of hope and comfort
The hugs, sweet and sincere
You are my light and you will be a light to the world
You are a reason to hang on to for a better tomorrow           
My motivator, my drive, my inspiration, my world.
Your innocent smile, comes along with peace
You keep me sane darling

May our good LORD do take care of you
May He grant you the desires of your heart?
When mama is all gone, baby girl HE will keep you going
HE has been there for me; He will be there for you too
When the going will get tough, HE will whisper words of encouragement
He will hold your hand.
HE is my strength; HIS faithfulness will keep you still

I carried you for nine months
I knew from the beginning you were an angel
You would take the world by storm
The world would look forward to your wisdom
You were born to conquer, to instill sanity
Your kind heart will open sealed doors
Kings and mighty will source for your advice
You are a great woman and you will be mighty
Everyone will reach out to you for love, comfort, hope and encouragement.
Your presence will be felt where you step your foot.

Words will never be enough
Even the ocean waters can't quench what you mean to me.

Love you my little girl..cheers!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tamed and Wild

In the background a serene sound from the waterfall was all she could hear
She knew beneath the cool clean waters lay a life
Painful tears filled her eyes
She felt, if only she got there a few seconds earlier she would have saved her
They both had come for adventure, for fun, to calm the mind off the busy life
She lost a friend, a confidant, a soul mate.

She couldn't jump in; there wasn't a trace of flesh
May be an alligator got a meal after so many hungry days
May be she swam to the other end
They were just the two of them, she couldn't seek for help
They both needed the time out
They had gone through so much.a painful heartbreak from own
A bitter past,

An ugly experience, a lesson
Her apple of the eye was no more,
A shoulder to lean on for years was gone
How would she cope?
Life had lost its meaning,
Her baby girl was gone this time for good..

She camped there for days, mourning her
Hoping against hope that she would turn up
It was safer at home but the wild brought freshness brought them closer but  it robbed her only child.
She will cope she thought and it would be hard..

Friday, 17 February 2012

I Love Me..

Does life throw lemons to you at times?
What do you do? Throw them back or make lemonade?
Why not squeeze out the juice and enjoy.

I have learn t to work with what comes
If I gain a few pounds, i show off the curves
If I loose, I let it glow

Whenever i think about my baby
I worry and pray just like a mom does
It just keeps my prayer life alive
I know when am all gone
My prayers will keep them going
Our dear LORD is faithful.

When i feel alone, in a jungle with no one to turn to
No oasis to cool me
No tree to provide a shade in a hot afternoon
No shoulder to lean on, no one to keep me company in the cold nights
I have learn t to love my own company
Its selfish i know but its better this way

I now pamper me
No one will love me like i do
No one knows me than me
No one
My happiness is in my hands
No more tears on the pillow
No more resentment
Just Love all for me

I don't complain any more
All I do is just enjoy loving me..

Whatever comes?
I will always Love me

I don't complain any more
All I do is just enjoy loving me..