Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Valentines My Love

I want you to love me as i love you, if possible more
I need you to be honest with me,
Lately, you have made it your business to break my heart
You keep telling me, to trust you but honey
Your actions and words don't match
If you were in my shoes you would have left long time
but i stay cos i believe in us
i stay cos life seems better with you
We can make a happy couple, if we let ourselves be
but you still want me to remain in the background
I need you to stay faithful to me,
You see, i want to be an ever shinning star in your life
I want to be your woman and treat me as so
I have loved you, you have broken my heart a million times
I have trusted you,
but you have given me the worst experience,
an experience you wouldn't want to under go
I dream t of a better life,
a better husband,
a better family than i had seen
I knew i had made the best choice but you keep 'telling' me i was wrong
Many days i have cried
Many nights pass while awake
May be am being naive, may be i need to wake up from my fantasy and realize that;'s you, you will never change.
Till then, i know one day you will come to know you did hurt a soul that loved you so much,
Happy Valentines.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

I must leave and live a better life

It sucks, it feels like am moving anti-clockwise,
when you think you are making progress, you counter check only to realize someone is busy trailing your efforts.
You want the best for your self, ayour family but that cannot be achieved coz they made it their business to discourage and hurt you.
At times wisdom tells you to listen to your heart very keenly, it tells you to stop being naive,
To look at the bigger picture, i must put this to an end
I need to stand up for myself and say no to being the other option.
i can do better than this
i believe i can still find a partner who would be caring for me and the kids
Things happen so fast,
I don't want to wake up and find myself wasted and lost many years yet i would have found happiness if i did trusted my instincts.
I don't know about many things but i do know i don't like the life am living now.
I don't like being lied to
Emotional abuse isn't any better than physical abuse, all is abuse
I don't like being taken for granted, cos i treat people with care and concern as they deserve
i deserve the same
Why do i let myself got through this again and again?
Is it because am naive?
is it because am a blind lover?
why do i keep falling for the same lies again and again?
what is wrong with me?
What will my children think of when i explain to them?
will be a fool or a role model..?
I must leave and live a better life