Saturday, 21 April 2012

An Encounter with an angel

Today (21.04.2012) it was very stressful. It was a long night at work and all hasn’t been well with me. I cried all the way to my house. I know the lady seated next to me in the bus was surprised and I love it, coz it didn’t bother her. Her eyes showed empathy though.  Things don’t always work out the way we expect them to.
It can be very frustrating and disappointing when you do your best and no one
Affirms to it or even supports you. I did want to talk to someone, a friend who would listen without judging, and a trusted one who would keep it within her. A friend who would provide a shoulder to cry on. I wanted just that but the list of friends I got, no one would be trusted with the delicate information that I held and those who would were out of reach.

That too was very frustrating. When I got to the house, I decided I will not let my worry; anger and despair ruin me after all the people hurting me does it because I let them. I have given them a green light to abuse me and treat me so bad with so much disrespect and rudeness.

 A thought came to my mind... ‘Why not talk to your maker?’
Instantly I let it all to HIM, it felt so good to tell the LORD about it, I was even more open to HIM than I would have been with a friend. I felt so calm, no more tears. We even had an agreement that I will let HIS will be done coz either way HE will give me strength to cope. For sure ‘the joy of the LORD is my strength’.

I feel this warmness and courage to face what’s ahead of me than ever before. He knew me before I was born, HE knew that this day we would revive our friendship; He knew that I would go through this. He is so wonderful. I told HIM, I hate myself coz I have let people treat me bad for so long, but HE said, “Child this will make you even stronger”
 Isn’t that beautiful?

Am out of the cage now, am not a crying baby anymore, I no longer panic, HE is in control. He knows my going and coming. He knows where my bread will be buttered. It’s all in His loving hands. I will face the world with a brave face, no matter what life throws to me, I will take it in and move on. Life doesn’t end here; I have a long way to go.

To show me that he cares, I left home without an umbrella; I thought I would beat the storm and get to work early before peeping rain fall. Only to alight to a heavy storm. I decided to brave it only to find a gentleman, a stranger at that, waiting holding an umbrella. He escorted me till I got to my office, safe and dry. God bless you Hun.

HE promised to be with us all the time, trust in HIM people. HE is faithful. Let go and Let GOD...

A Life Recipy

                                                                   Guilty builds up fear
Fear turns to a negative attitude
Negative Attitude will grow to pretense
Pretense builds up to anger
Anger grows to hate
Hate brings along frustrations
Frustrations is a sister to disappointment
Disappointment is a life time anguish
You will be negative about everything that happens under the universe
In your world all will be impossible
You will love shortcuts
You will be a friend to evil
You will blame others for your failures
Yearn to live right
That may be the reason you are yet to achieve your dreams
Amend all your wrongs
They will catch up with you someday
It will be painful with so many regrets’
Cease the resentments
Learn to forgive
You can't control what people think about you
You can you can control how you react.
Bless your enemies
Nothing hurts them much
Be wary of your friends
It may just be a second face
Live to the fullest
Be happy at all times
No matter what..

Friday, 20 April 2012

The End is just the Beginning

When love ends, walk away with nothing but your dignity
When love ends, keep your head high lest the weight of your heart weighs you down
When love ends, keep goodbyes precise
When love ends, keep your heart close to your maker
When love ends, trade it with courage
When love ends ,cry but remember to wipe them
When love ends, don't let trust end with it
When love ends, remain friends anyway-life is short to keep grudges
When love ends, do a new thing that will keep you busy
When love ends, rem love didn't end your reason for being together ended
When love ends, the gifts belong to charity
When love ends, always rem nothing is permanent
When love ends, give it a second thought next time
When love ends, encourage your heart to love again
When love ends, the mourning is just but for afew days, a better morning awaits thee
When love ends, time will heal you
When love ends, walk away with nothing but your fragile heart
When love ends, remember everything has an end.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A little Paradise down the valley

Deep in the valley
Clean waters flow
from the streams near by
A green serene lay
Covered with beautiful lilies
Sweet scent fills the air

From a distance a harmonious melody
can be heard from the birds
The butterflies color the environment
All flapping their wings
along well manicured pathways

One of them leads to a cave
Host to the inhabitants
At the entrance there is a waterfall
Once inside, a well groomed natural
seat awaits thee
the small spiky creatures
does acupuncture
on your burning feet
Nature soothes you
You wanna stay here for good
without the dramas of
everyday life
In the little paradise
down the valley

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A double faced wife..

These News, I will break to everyone
They are somehow devastating
And very disturbing
I choose to pen them down
At least I won't have to answer your questions

May be I have been naive for too long
O I trusted too much
Or I was is in denial
Or I live in my own conservative world
Or am just a confused fell a
Or am so traditional
Whatever it may be
Am beyond words

My wife of twenty years
Has been a darling to me
And our children
She is the rock and strength of our family
She keeps our house calm
Deep in prayers
We have been happy
Although life has been tough at times
She still can afford a smile
She keeps us going

Her friend Nora
Was so to her
She ensured my sweetheart had a shoulder
Besides mine whenever I was away
My little ones often slept over at her place

Until one day when I came back
Couldn't believe my eyes
My wife and Nora cuddling on the sofa
They both confessed they were high school soul mates
and the habit progressed through to their marriages

I just can't fathom this
What do I do?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Deal with IT

Success is achieved 
Never earned
There is sacrifice
And compromise
That got to be paid

Friends turn to foe
A hopeful present
Turns soar
And you've got to keep it real
Keep believing in one self
Keep an open mind

Don't let a challenge
Cause you anger
Let it be a motivation for a better you
Embrace defeat today
Tomorrow you will be on the pedestal

Quit competing
And spreading malice
It brings along more frustration and
Engage your uniqueness in your own growth

Someone will always be ahead of you
Deal with it
Accept and move on
Let them inspire you

Quit fighting battles that
You can't control
Fill your life with contentment
All will be enough
As more await you
And be smart
Avoid hurt, aspire greatness
Play your cards right 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

A winter in your arms

Life was good
Everything was cool
Love ruled our world
We were inseparable

The future was so clear
All that glittered was happiness
We both knew we were meant to be
That we would Grey together

Our friends wouldn't wait for the big day
They were impatient about it
Our parents gave us their blessings
Life wouldn't be happier

We both chased our dreams
That brought the gap
The Distance
We thought the heart would grow fonder
Our careers came first
After all we were in need of a better I

It's too late now
We both made our mistakes
We moved on
We drew the line
We didn't get to the finishing tape 
Although we were almost there

The fact that we aren't happy with significant other
Shouldn't be a reason for a make up
We moved on for a reason
We've got to let go
Forget we ever shared a common ground

Life has taught us that
It's all the same
Love is all similar
We've got to work out our differences
We need to compromise
To sacrifice if happiness is to find us

The warmth in your arms is now cold
nothing can be revived now
Its so dead and decayed
None of us kept the promise
We have got to move on, for a third chance
May be we will be lucky this time
Lets not let Love reduce us to enemies
We still can be friends
With a shared memory
Keep moving.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The other side of the Mountain

If you look forward to happiness
Happiness will find you
If you look forward to agony
Sorrow will be your company
If you look forward to a better future
Gladness will be part of you
If you indulge in negativity
Your reward will be painful

There is a rose among flowers
A ruby among the stones
Hope in despair
Forgiveness after hurt
A change of heart
An answered prayer
Faith for the unseen

Live right
Bring out the best of everyone
Smile at a stranger
Don't hurt knowingly
All days, be in your enemies shoes
Love them
Don't keep a grudge
Think twice before you act
Consequences can be bitter
Your mistakes today will catch up with you sometime


Always Remember Karma!