Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Genius in me

Today (18.12.2013) is a great day, a happy day for me. it seems all is well.

Monday, 29 July 2013

A little more honey

I need you to love me for me
I miss the old good days when you would be so concerned about the little things that doesn't even matter

Monday, 10 June 2013

Something about you

There is something about you that i cannot explain in words,
there is something about you that one cannot help it but love you more
and take care of you
We have been through so much together we would have built a replica of Rome if they were debris
We sure have come a long way,
We have had to fight so many battles, we thought we were out of energy to even think of one more try, we were worn out, defeated, but something about you kept us going
Could be it your faith in us?
Could it be your love for me?
Could it be your diligent way of solving problems?
Could it be your strength amid struggle?
Could it be your faith beyond the raging storm?
Could it be the bubbly laughter that infects every one?#
Whatever it is, keep doing it, i have found strength,
I got my life back,
Am blessed to have such a great loving spouse.

Always wife..with Love

Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Handsome One

I love our harmony
I love the way we now connect
We almost can predict what is in the significant other's mind
We have learnt the beautiful way, it has taught us not to take anything no matter how small for granted especially when its about our happiness
We are making progress, we are advancing
The future looks brighter and better
I bless us.

Loving wife..with Love

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

You are awesome

Making up is a good thing. It melts all doubts and throws fear out of the window. Disagreement is a good thing, we all learn a new thing about a loved one.

They tend to open up more, and you listen to the words in their hearts. Love we have come along way, it was good to hear you say "We can get out of these stronger" we sure can make our marriage work, we hold a very delicate and special baby called relationship.

We have been through hell and still came out standing despite the soot. We sure will narrate our story to someone, years down the line.

Its is always inspiring to know how much we care for each other, the much we want to be together, and as you always say.."Love is the most important thing, it keeps us grounded"

bless you handsome..with love

Saturday, 27 April 2013

I Have Lost it

I have lost the much needed energy to continue working for this company. The passion that ignites me every morning to report and make it happen is all gone. Nothing excites me about it anymore.
My supervisor has been complaining lately about my lateness, actually i don't want to appear on any black book but i feel my time is up. I have done enough for this company already, not even a promotion or a pay rise would motivate me.

I have downloaded a resignation letter and saved it in my computer for editing. Every other day i look forward to submitting my letter to the human resource. I visualize and even feel what i may experience then. one word freedom.

I feel am currently carrying two babies and am in labor  i need to deliver them. one is to publish a long waited book and a company that i need to register a company like yesterday.

The spark is gone, no mounts of gifts would restore my love for the job. i have only been i feel like am gonna have an ex very soon. I want something that will push my adrenaline, something that will put my creativity in use. I feel my potential is being wasted. Coming to sit, receive calls and go home get paid pay bills is so full of routine, this isn't exciting at all.

Am like a shock absorb er for this company, all i do is receive calls and forward the complains to respective departments for action. It can get frustrating especially when it has taken so long for an action to be taken and you have no idea why.

I work for customer service and a customer told me i need to one down! phweks..every one tells me pass on baton. i feel them, am not at best right now.

I will be back to tell you about my new life..

Saturday, 20 April 2013

My time is up

We were over the moon
We created our own world
where peace, love and harmony lived
Until we let
We have tried, we tried eeeh tried
We both know our time is up
We must let it go