Monday, 10 June 2013

Something about you

There is something about you that i cannot explain in words,
there is something about you that one cannot help it but love you more
and take care of you
We have been through so much together we would have built a replica of Rome if they were debris
We sure have come a long way,
We have had to fight so many battles, we thought we were out of energy to even think of one more try, we were worn out, defeated, but something about you kept us going
Could be it your faith in us?
Could it be your love for me?
Could it be your diligent way of solving problems?
Could it be your strength amid struggle?
Could it be your faith beyond the raging storm?
Could it be the bubbly laughter that infects every one?#
Whatever it is, keep doing it, i have found strength,
I got my life back,
Am blessed to have such a great loving spouse.

Always wife..with Love

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