Tuesday, 28 May 2013

You are awesome

Making up is a good thing. It melts all doubts and throws fear out of the window. Disagreement is a good thing, we all learn a new thing about a loved one.

They tend to open up more, and you listen to the words in their hearts. Love we have come along way, it was good to hear you say "We can get out of these stronger" we sure can make our marriage work, we hold a very delicate and special baby called relationship.

We have been through hell and still came out standing despite the soot. We sure will narrate our story to someone, years down the line.

Its is always inspiring to know how much we care for each other, the much we want to be together, and as you always say.."Love is the most important thing, it keeps us grounded"

bless you handsome..with love

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