Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Life Recipy

                                                                   Guilty builds up fear
Fear turns to a negative attitude
Negative Attitude will grow to pretense
Pretense builds up to anger
Anger grows to hate
Hate brings along frustrations
Frustrations is a sister to disappointment
Disappointment is a life time anguish
You will be negative about everything that happens under the universe
In your world all will be impossible
You will love shortcuts
You will be a friend to evil
You will blame others for your failures
Yearn to live right
That may be the reason you are yet to achieve your dreams
Amend all your wrongs
They will catch up with you someday
It will be painful with so many regrets’
Cease the resentments
Learn to forgive
You can't control what people think about you
You can you can control how you react.
Bless your enemies
Nothing hurts them much
Be wary of your friends
It may just be a second face
Live to the fullest
Be happy at all times
No matter what..

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