Saturday, 21 April 2012

An Encounter with an angel

Today (21.04.2012) it was very stressful. It was a long night at work and all hasn’t been well with me. I cried all the way to my house. I know the lady seated next to me in the bus was surprised and I love it, coz it didn’t bother her. Her eyes showed empathy though.  Things don’t always work out the way we expect them to.
It can be very frustrating and disappointing when you do your best and no one
Affirms to it or even supports you. I did want to talk to someone, a friend who would listen without judging, and a trusted one who would keep it within her. A friend who would provide a shoulder to cry on. I wanted just that but the list of friends I got, no one would be trusted with the delicate information that I held and those who would were out of reach.

That too was very frustrating. When I got to the house, I decided I will not let my worry; anger and despair ruin me after all the people hurting me does it because I let them. I have given them a green light to abuse me and treat me so bad with so much disrespect and rudeness.

 A thought came to my mind... ‘Why not talk to your maker?’
Instantly I let it all to HIM, it felt so good to tell the LORD about it, I was even more open to HIM than I would have been with a friend. I felt so calm, no more tears. We even had an agreement that I will let HIS will be done coz either way HE will give me strength to cope. For sure ‘the joy of the LORD is my strength’.

I feel this warmness and courage to face what’s ahead of me than ever before. He knew me before I was born, HE knew that this day we would revive our friendship; He knew that I would go through this. He is so wonderful. I told HIM, I hate myself coz I have let people treat me bad for so long, but HE said, “Child this will make you even stronger”
 Isn’t that beautiful?

Am out of the cage now, am not a crying baby anymore, I no longer panic, HE is in control. He knows my going and coming. He knows where my bread will be buttered. It’s all in His loving hands. I will face the world with a brave face, no matter what life throws to me, I will take it in and move on. Life doesn’t end here; I have a long way to go.

To show me that he cares, I left home without an umbrella; I thought I would beat the storm and get to work early before peeping rain fall. Only to alight to a heavy storm. I decided to brave it only to find a gentleman, a stranger at that, waiting holding an umbrella. He escorted me till I got to my office, safe and dry. God bless you Hun.

HE promised to be with us all the time, trust in HIM people. HE is faithful. Let go and Let GOD...

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