Sunday, 8 April 2012

A winter in your arms

Life was good
Everything was cool
Love ruled our world
We were inseparable

The future was so clear
All that glittered was happiness
We both knew we were meant to be
That we would Grey together

Our friends wouldn't wait for the big day
They were impatient about it
Our parents gave us their blessings
Life wouldn't be happier

We both chased our dreams
That brought the gap
The Distance
We thought the heart would grow fonder
Our careers came first
After all we were in need of a better I

It's too late now
We both made our mistakes
We moved on
We drew the line
We didn't get to the finishing tape 
Although we were almost there

The fact that we aren't happy with significant other
Shouldn't be a reason for a make up
We moved on for a reason
We've got to let go
Forget we ever shared a common ground

Life has taught us that
It's all the same
Love is all similar
We've got to work out our differences
We need to compromise
To sacrifice if happiness is to find us

The warmth in your arms is now cold
nothing can be revived now
Its so dead and decayed
None of us kept the promise
We have got to move on, for a third chance
May be we will be lucky this time
Lets not let Love reduce us to enemies
We still can be friends
With a shared memory
Keep moving.

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