Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Deal with IT

Success is achieved 
Never earned
There is sacrifice
And compromise
That got to be paid

Friends turn to foe
A hopeful present
Turns soar
And you've got to keep it real
Keep believing in one self
Keep an open mind

Don't let a challenge
Cause you anger
Let it be a motivation for a better you
Embrace defeat today
Tomorrow you will be on the pedestal

Quit competing
And spreading malice
It brings along more frustration and
Engage your uniqueness in your own growth

Someone will always be ahead of you
Deal with it
Accept and move on
Let them inspire you

Quit fighting battles that
You can't control
Fill your life with contentment
All will be enough
As more await you
And be smart
Avoid hurt, aspire greatness
Play your cards right 

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