Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A double faced wife..

These News, I will break to everyone
They are somehow devastating
And very disturbing
I choose to pen them down
At least I won't have to answer your questions

May be I have been naive for too long
O I trusted too much
Or I was is in denial
Or I live in my own conservative world
Or am just a confused fell a
Or am so traditional
Whatever it may be
Am beyond words

My wife of twenty years
Has been a darling to me
And our children
She is the rock and strength of our family
She keeps our house calm
Deep in prayers
We have been happy
Although life has been tough at times
She still can afford a smile
She keeps us going

Her friend Nora
Was so to her
She ensured my sweetheart had a shoulder
Besides mine whenever I was away
My little ones often slept over at her place

Until one day when I came back
Couldn't believe my eyes
My wife and Nora cuddling on the sofa
They both confessed they were high school soul mates
and the habit progressed through to their marriages

I just can't fathom this
What do I do?

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