Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Positive Energy

I have changed the heading of my blog from 'Forgiveness isnt easy to Forgiveness is easy'. Am thinking positive. Its a road less travelled but it is worth it. I will ofcos tend to focus on the good, it always bribgs back more greatness.

Thinking as a happy person whom is enjoying a marriage definitely resonates on your enviroment hence their will be lots of energy within your home.

Making that important change should be a priority if you want things to calm down. although am not there yet, All will definitely turn out well. If forgiveness is an issue now, tackle it well and soberly. Yes no matter the pain, you can still can forgive.

Harmony at our homes is very essential, it zeros down to our places of work and our children at school. Learn from every disagreement and let it be an opportunity for growth.

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