Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A New Dawn

2012 a year that was, a year i will live to remember
I unearthed so much, i thought i couldn't handle
I for sure was living in denial for so long, i finally set to reality
I have been heartbroken big time
It was an year i never expected, so i thought
Things got ugly and difficult
The hurt, pain was so much to bear
Until i got to know the strength i ooze from inside
Calamities awake sleeping power
Every passing day has been an inspiration, It has taught me patience, long suffering and the value of forgiveness.
Its the same year i was blessed with another little angel, he has been the rock of my healing. Just as he grows, my heart shows acceptance, joy after sorrow
Am  not afraid of the unknown anymore, i think that experience was an eye opener, i can manage anything that comes my way.
I appreciate the little things we believe are normal,

  • breath of life
  • Great friends
  • A good job
  • A shelter
  • Warm clothing
  • Lovely children
  • Caring siblings
  • A spouse
  • Food on the table
  • fresh air

Am glad, am privileged enough to usher in the new year, i got a feeling this will be a huge year for me, i can feel i will go to greater and bigger heights.
Welcome 2013, we can do this together

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