Sunday, 27 January 2013

Beautiful Cherry2

Greg left for the city immediately after the burial wished his girls luck and God’s blessings, to check on hs new job. On his way there while in the bus he reflected n their beautiful and short life with mama.
As he perused the bag he found mama’s letter that was stll not opened, ………………………..
He reported to work and was surprised by the warm welcome rom hs new boss who mentioned their concern and condolences on the behalf of the company.”I know you are surprised the lady was an icon in her own rights’ there so much you will learn about her” He said
“meanwhile, feel at home. See the lady at the reception 4 she hasa message for you
Greg smiled at the lady as he approached her. “Am Greg”
“Welcome Greg” Am Lydia
“Thanks Lydia” am humbled
“My condolences” “Have a seat” she added
“Thank You” He said
She asked about the funeral he updated her on all what was done. Although Greg was not comfortable getting to work immediately, his girls needed food on the table, hence the need to work. And Lydia too was concerned. “Greg, do you feel comfortable coming back to work so fast?, atleast you needed sometime off to moan”
“Lydia, I don’t like it too but my girls will go hungry” he responded
“Greg, we understand what you feel. We have resolved that you will resume now till you are all settled” she quipped “follow me” she added
(both standing)
“This is awesome Lydia, atleast I will have time to relocate my girls” he said as he followed
They went to a well manicured compound surrounding a massionate. Lydia opened the first door “Welcome”
“Oh this is so beautiful, it must be a very expensive house” Greg quipped
it is and it has been vacant for a decade now. The owner made sure it was well kept until the day the heir comes. Its well furnished. Do you like it?” Lydia asked
“its everyone’s dream to live in such a house. I will not rest until I get a small cute haven almost like this one for my girls” Greg said
“This house belongs to you and your girls Greg” We are so happy to see you home. “Greg you are so into your girls, don’t you have a life other than them?” Lydia asked
“What do you mean this house is mine?” he thought aloud
This is just the beginning Greg, more surprises will come. Others will leave you in shock for months, others will fill your life with gladness” Please take it all in. she pleaded
“I seem not to be getting it though. Am just a pauper I have been struggling all my life. Struggle is all I know. Am sorry I don’t understand this” He said
“I feel you Greg. Life is not all about struggling. There is a bright side in the struggle, it keeps you focused and great things come to you” “this is just one of them” she explained
As they strolled the house, Lydia showed him each of the rooms but the master bedroom. “This is will be a surprise to you and Stacy” we will open once she arrives. She is on her way here” she said
“Lydia, she is on her way here?”He asked “but my girls are all home with Tabitha and ….” He added
“They will all be here in the next twenty minutes” Lydia interrupted “I told you more is coming, you better relax” she added
As they strolled the house he heard a hoot, the gateman opened the gate. He peeped through the window, saw a limo. His girls and Tabitha alighted. He ran outside to them and hugged them really tight.
“Baby girls am so happy to see you” he said
“They updated each other on what had happened since he left.
“Hey guys, come all in” Lydia shouted
As they followed her, Greg kissed his little girl telling her how beautiful her room is. She was young but she would tell the difference. Stacey was shown round as Greg stayed on with her in her room.
 He saw her little one resembled the mom. He thought about them every day and he was glad they will not have to be apart again.
He was lost in his thoughts especially loosing Mrs. Raphael who was like a mother to them. There were so many unexplained things.
Once Lydia was done showing her round, He called Greg in to show them their little paradise. The décor was great, a mixture of both white and Deep red beddings. The closet was has shades of blue and white. The dressing room had ample space so serene and appealing. Lydia loved it, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

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