Friday, 18 January 2013

This Day, Its No different

This journey of forgiveness has its own ups and downs. At times you are in or out. You are on a roller coaster of happiness till your spouse does something that takes you back.
I do feel cheated, am not sure anymore about him. Am suspicious about something and it aint good report. 

i will not pen it down, till i confirm my fears. Trust once broken is so hard to rebuild  Am at that state of my life where i feel i need to move on. 
The worst thing you can do to a person who is recuperating from a relationship is abusing them emotionally.

You should never take them for granted. They are fragile and need attention. i feel i don't get much of that and my spouse shouldn't be surprised if i walking away. People get tired and can only take so much.He shouldn't be worried i didn't keep my word, he lead me to it anyway.

Things may not working for right now, am not happy with our relationship, things dont have to remain this way forever. Although successful relationships require hard work  if its a one lane highway then it will for sure lead to nowhere.

My spouse has lately been telling me, i think so negative about him but you see being positive on an environment that is negative can be difficult. It does change my whole perspective of our own relationship

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