Thursday, 17 January 2013

Am so worn out, am not happy.

I wish i would say something good about me,
better about us.
We sure do not have a connection
We may have created so much together, but nothing seems to bring us together
All my life i have been trying to validate myself to you
Am constantly on the weighing scale,
I tend to be walking on egg shells all the time
Am a sweetheart at home, and a stranger in your outside world
Of cos it does hurt, and you never understand, never will.
I  know you take me a stupid fool, and its OK, may be i give you a reason to.
I feel so unappreciated but its OK, my best isn't enough to please thee
Your constant audience to other women just says how lowly you take me for
   No complains though
If you truly loved me, you would compromise for the sake of our happiness
i thought that what happy couples do? anyway ..
You take me for granted because am not your style, i know am not the kind of gal you wanted to end up with, if i remember so well i introduced myself to your parents.
Babie something always comes up, when we no I arrange for a date
and i understand, you are not comfortable in my company.
I cant force you to truly love me,
I cant always be validating myself to you, its OK if you don't get my worth, may be you don't see it and i don't blame you.
I will for sure do something for myself,
I will let myself be an in inspiration to myself, i have been through much
I have stretched so much to accommodate you,
You just don't fit, no matter my flexibility
I can adjust to whatever to make our relationship work
but i feel like am doing so much for nothing
The results are the same anyway,
am on the verge of tearing up in pieces, and i think i need to stop, i have come to accept , i cant please you
i feel like am your ''doormat', the one that get all the dirt after you had your fun,
am of no good
God bless you and may HE give you a longlife
Despite all, I will always love you
I rest my case..

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