Monday, 21 January 2013

It's always humbling to know how much your spouse is ready to go to make the relationship work. Marriage is a sacred relationship where only the wise survive.It takes courage to compromise for the other party. It takes lots of consideration to sacrifice own for the sake of your partners happiness.

I admit i can be obsessive when it comes to love. I only want a few things to remain seclusive,special for me. although my gut seldom fails me, it occasionally does. My past experience really does haunt me.

I need a stable ground, i need to believe in myself. I need to open my mind just a little, i need to say NO negative thoughts. They really cause me sleepless nights.  i get so insecure about th minor things that i almost give up on building my trust.

I sure am in dire need of trust, wish it was bankable..where you just withdraw and pap you are sorted. The fact that my hubby reminded me we need to fight for our love was just a reminder of how special we are. We have come from far to just let it flow down stream.

We have been through so much, it has molded us to be stronger and weather any storm. Every passing day is a lesson learnt. Every positive day, with a pint of a positive thought leads to a future of quantum leaps. 

Life doesn't promise a fun filled future but strive to enjoy the moment-now. Much patience is required.

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