Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I love you to bits

Knowing you will always be there is a plus
Every time i look at you, i see a friend who will be with me through thick and thin
When we sit on the couch having dinner, even when we say nothing, we still communicate,
i still can tell what's going through your mind

Watching you play with the kids reminds me how blessed i am
One day our beautiful children will grow and leave us the same way they found us,,just the two of us.  We will be grey then but there will be joy to have had so many years together.
Its great we share so much, a house, a bed, children, it has only brought us closer

I already know what you will say even before you say it
Living together  has brought so much harmony between us that we are just one, we are more than soul mates.
It has not been easy, we have our battles we won some and learnt from others. we get experience and determination to fight those that  are awaiting us.
Our love our bond our relationship is growing everyday, every storm that comes our way tightens the bond.
You are my partner. My friend, My confidant,

Every passing day is a special gift o remind us we got a family to be grateful for,
We always strive to make our marriage work, with loads of selflessness, sacrifice and compromise.
We are determined not to take each other for granted, its our responsibility to ensure our relationship is enriched with love, trust and respect.Its hard work but the benefits are a lifetime.

Its feels great to have you by my side, you are so caring, always concerned although am intending not to tell you what may be disturbing me until i have sorted it out, you worry much and it does affect your health.
We will grey together
Love you much

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