Monday, 17 December 2012

I Need You to Know..

I need to feel your love
but i dont
I need you to be honest with me
you have so many secrets am afraid, i see my heart in pieces once more
Am afraid time isnt on my side
I want you to tell your friends am your lady
but for obvious reasons you cant
I need you to acknowledge my presence in your life
 am just but a suitor for the moment
I need you to know that i love you,
and you must be aware it comes once in a lifetime
I need you to know i don't like the way you treat life
I need you to know forgiveness has a limit
I need you to know once a mistake is repeated we call that ignorance
and am not here to wait for that
I need you to know someone would want to have by his side all his life
He says he would treat me better
By look of things, i kinda trust him
He is a complete opposite of you
He may turn out to be a good cookie
I need you to think about you and me over
am about to make a decision that will alter our lives, for good.
I still need you not to take me for granted,
I also need you to know that my Love will last
i may not forever be beside you,
People evolve, People move on, People change, as they search for happiness

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