Sunday, 2 December 2012

When You Are In My Life

Everything feels right when you are around
A hurdle can be a sweet experience when we face it  together
Living becomes fun despite the odds
It hasnt been easy though , we been through the roughest times of our lives
We have been through hell and back
We have had what others would call, a nightmare
Getting to the mountain top wasn't easy, there are times i felt like giving up,
I run out of patience,
My trust bank  run dry
I didn't have a reason to hang on, anymore
I had had the best and ugly,
I had an experience of a lifetime
Then you broke my heart. l was in pieces
I did hurt, the pain was deep
I didn't get a reason to stay
All that was in my mind was moving on
You were better off  as a past
I was ok with the memories, atleast i thought
It felt better to negotiate back
At that time i knew i would meet someone better who maybe, would treat me good
Without a doubt i knew we were done
Your reasons did sound like excuses
Until i wore your shoe, i lived your day for a few seconds
Although i still feel you should made a different decision,  i will strive to find peace within me
I may never understand, i forgive you anyway
I may never forget, i forgive you anyway
When all that mattered was staying strong and focused, you did all the encouragement
Were it not for you, i would be singing a different song and dancing to a different tune
It is your resilience that we re still together
It was your encouragement that i stayed
Its your trust in me that we have come this far
You are our strength
I don't know what tomorrow holds, am better now, experienced to weather down any storm that comes my way.
When you are in my life, we can achieve the world
We are together to last,
We will travel far and wide, and tell
A story of our love.

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