Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Am Packing

Am packing all that belong to me
I think i may be slowly brooding myself for a worse heartbreak
I wished for a happy home, a great marriage better than all i had ever seen
I dreamed of a good husband,
one who would always be true to me
One who would keep his word
One who would respect me
One who would drink occasionally,
I got into this marriage blindly,
I thought things would change, that was my mistake.
This is the beginning of a long journey, a safari that will need loads of energy and strength. Its amazing what we our children go through because of our choices.
I believe i need not to stay with an emotional abuser for the sake of the kids
I need not sacrifice my happiness
I know someone can treat me better
I can find one
I can do better
I stopped so low but i need to stand for what i believed in.
I need to fly higher

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