Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Low Key

Am so low today a lot is going through my mind. i kinda feel not appreciated and it takes me thinking why i let myself be walked over all the time.
In a span of days i feel like i want to retreat and start my life once again
This is a struggle, Forgiveness is a fight that i must win otherwise it will weigh me down.
It always very difficult to forget someone who have given you so much to remember. I got a past to show for it. I got two beautiful;l children to show, he will forever be part of me, all my days. I wish i could go back and wouldn't even date him.
Its hard for me not to associate every little thing he does from his past. I have placed a tag on his neck that bears his mistakes.
Am not being fair but i cant help it
I know i need o focus on the good, be positive but i know when i get back home i may find a better enviroment

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