Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Dare Tomorrow

How many times have you been told that tomorrow is just a pipe dream?
That live today to the fullest
Tomorrow might never be?

Tomorrow is just a few minutes away!
Plan for it
Live like You will be around for a century
Strive to secure your following decades
Learn to let go today;s misfortune

There's a brighter and better day
There will be plenty
There will be tears to wipe
Sorrows, Grieve and
Happiness too.
Joy will find you
Love will sweep you off your feet
Your children will make you proud
Your career will move higher
Your pocket will be fuller
Your Marriage will work
You will Grey together
Your spouse will be faithful to you
There is hope
Life will grant you a second chance to mend your mistakes
Keep on
Never Let go
that day is coming

That day is Tomorrow.

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