Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tamed and Wild

In the background a serene sound from the waterfall was all she could hear
She knew beneath the cool clean waters lay a life
Painful tears filled her eyes
She felt, if only she got there a few seconds earlier she would have saved her
They both had come for adventure, for fun, to calm the mind off the busy life
She lost a friend, a confidant, a soul mate.

She couldn't jump in; there wasn't a trace of flesh
May be an alligator got a meal after so many hungry days
May be she swam to the other end
They were just the two of them, she couldn't seek for help
They both needed the time out
They had gone through so much.a painful heartbreak from own
A bitter past,

An ugly experience, a lesson
Her apple of the eye was no more,
A shoulder to lean on for years was gone
How would she cope?
Life had lost its meaning,
Her baby girl was gone this time for good..

She camped there for days, mourning her
Hoping against hope that she would turn up
It was safer at home but the wild brought freshness brought them closer but  it robbed her only child.
She will cope she thought and it would be hard..

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