Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Baby Girl

My Baby Gal your tenderness fills me with love
Your Love, my source of hope and comfort
The hugs, sweet and sincere
You are my light and you will be a light to the world
You are a reason to hang on to for a better tomorrow           
My motivator, my drive, my inspiration, my world.
Your innocent smile, comes along with peace
You keep me sane darling

May our good LORD do take care of you
May He grant you the desires of your heart?
When mama is all gone, baby girl HE will keep you going
HE has been there for me; He will be there for you too
When the going will get tough, HE will whisper words of encouragement
He will hold your hand.
HE is my strength; HIS faithfulness will keep you still

I carried you for nine months
I knew from the beginning you were an angel
You would take the world by storm
The world would look forward to your wisdom
You were born to conquer, to instill sanity
Your kind heart will open sealed doors
Kings and mighty will source for your advice
You are a great woman and you will be mighty
Everyone will reach out to you for love, comfort, hope and encouragement.
Your presence will be felt where you step your foot.

Words will never be enough
Even the ocean waters can't quench what you mean to me.

Love you my little girl..cheers!

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