Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Presidency

Every time I see the presidential motorcade, the strands of my hair stand
A voice whispers “That’s your calling darling”
There is so much one can do to change the life of citizens but many opt to shun the responsibility


Only enjoy the status quo that comes with the name on the tag

Healthcare and good Nutrition should always come first
Education Second, everything else follow
A nation dies of hunger because of negligence; irrigation can solve mounts of hunger
I know and believe that one day I will be the senior most servant in my beloved Kenya

There is something about me and love for a better Kenya
A Kenya that is healthy and educated
A Kenya without all the junk foods
A Kenya that feeds on only organic
A Kenya that is prescribed genuine drugs
A Kenya without drug abuse
A Kenya with jobs for the youth
A Kenya that all 42 tribes are well represented in the government and the counties
A Kenya that celebrates our diverse culture
A Kenya that shuns tribalism
A Kenya where every voice is heard
It’s just in me to be the CEO of this country


I cant achieve this on my own
We will do it together, when that day comes..
Till Then, God bless you, God bless Kenya

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