Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Personal Complete Make Over

Lately i have been thinking of a personal complete make over
Am tired of routine, the thought of being at the same place for many years wears me out
For the past few years i have graduated from one sphere of life to another, i have become a mum(the best thing in the world),  i have changed careers but nothing seems to motivate me anymore.

I have a soft spot for the written word, may be its a high time i switched
May be thats where I will find my other love
I may get solace there
I will be home, may be
I may find peace of mind
When am all happy and satisfied with my new life
I may radiate more energy to my loved ones

I love to tell a story, a different story
I love to inspire you
I love to get to my world of writing and writing
I love to write about my daughter, she is the apple of my eye
She loves me without questioning
She understands mama
I love it when she says “God bless you”
She is such a sweet angel
We both have made a sacrifice and turned better for both of us
I cant wait for the day we will be together again this time for good.

I have written many books that ain't complete for publishing
I need to step in those shoes and tell the world of my story
The story of my daughter
The untold story

I will soon do that..

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