Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hubby, Love Me Again

Hubby, i don't like it when we argue
I don't like it when you ignore me
My polite gestures are sincere
I don't take your love for me for granted,
It’s all to my gratefulness
You have made enough sacrifices to be with me
That cant go UN noticed
To show that I care and even love you more

You are giving me a cold shoulder
You don't wanna talk
You act like you don't care anymore
There is untold distance between us
The rift is getting deeper by day
Am concerned
Am trying to coax you to former days
Am failing
it hurts
I feel frustrated, Disappointed
Like am a bother

I miss the days i carried you on my back
The romance under the moon
The way you held me from behind
When you were not afraid to show the world the love you’ve got for me
When we stayed late night just talking
When you hugged me the whole night
It feels good to sleep in your warm arms

I don't want to speculate
I don't wanna doubt you
I don't want to cry anymore
I need to trust you

Am gal, and a gal wants to be spoil t with love
Open the doors
Pull the Chair
The little things that stands out from the crowd
The lovely kiss in public
To have flowers occasionally
The lunch date and little surprises still matter
We were more than friends remember?
Didn’t we vow we will be together forever?
Till death do us apart?

Am waiting for the person i loved to come back
Am lonely
Give me back the happy you
The smiling you
The talkative you
The caring you
Am praying,

May be its just a matter of time
Am hoping all will be back to the beautiful old days..

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