Monday, 27 February 2012

My Sweet Lady

 It was nice meeting you, it was divinely planned.
I came heartbroken, I go home loved
I will tell my people I found a rare precious jewel
I will talk about your kindness, your hospitality
I will tell them about your angelic voice
I will tell them about your hospitality

I will forever remember the innocent loving smile
The glow in your eyes
The beautiful face
The pure soul
Your tears when I said I will be leaving
Your warm hug
Babie gal that will keep my heart fonder
I shall return for more this time for good
I shall come for you

I will be gone but not for too long
I will return
I GO to prepare a place for you
Keep waiting, Keep yourself ready
Don't you ever forget my promise?
In case you do,
Go back to the small haven I made for you
All the memories will refresh back
 Keep on my Love.

Till then, feel loved

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