Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Experience 6

The game is on, being in this field can be tiring cos you have to run after the ball till you score.
There isn't much pressure on my side cos a draw would be fine but my hubby needs to score more than i do if there has to be a feeling of engaging his apology into action.

I too would love to see him score many goals, it will def give me a relief. He has gotten into the idea of apologizing every often, its sad i put through it but aren't there consequences for the mistakes we do?

When you get to discover why you chose each other in the first place, a break up looses its meaning. We will move forward, we have learnt our lessons.

Rekindling our love is the most essential thing we can do to better our future, there are mountains to climb, but we are ready for the rocks, we will be still when it gets sweaty and tiring. we will smell the roses along the way

I got many repetitive questions and he doesn't mind repeating the same answer again and again, he understands am on the healing process. its amazing he is slowly learning a very important virtue that he didn't have, Patience!!

I have a feeling after this phase of our live, we will be the happiest couple ever. Everything happens for a reason, 
I want to see him embrace his mistakes and be ready to be held accountable. I want him to get to the top of the mountain with a mic in his hand and tell the world what he did and how if he is remorseful.

The demands are genuine, 

Yesterday we were just having a candid talk and he said something that is still lingering in my mind.. "when the worst happens between the couple, they should just raise the children" but i tend to differ cos there is another  life other than raising a family. what about my happiness? 

After teens the children will be in school and less at home. At one time in their lives they will need less of mum and dad. I would feel suffocated living and sacrificing my happiness just to raise the kids. a sad mum raises sad children, am not ready to take that route. 

Am gonna stay because i believe in his promises or move out if the deep wounds i have got  refuse to heal. 

Our relationship has become a school, we tend to ignore so many things that happen around us until we experience them. we get to understand the value.

You don't know the value of forgiveness until you are wronged.
You don't know the value of an apology unless you have wronged

Forgiveness doesn't promise a better day, you become stronger.

“The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” 
― Thomas Stephen Szasz

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