Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Experience 7

I came full of hope
that life will be good to me
i will conquer the world
and live to see it roll on me
i have tried to live right
not to hurt intentionally
i have made my mistakes
and learnt not to repeat them
I promised to love truly
to commit to only one
and i did exactly that
i was proud to show him off to
my friends  and relatives
but the one i loved
cheated on me
my world crumbled down
he killed my dreams
broke my heart
Brought my world to its knees
How will i rise again
who will help me dust myself off?
You see i still love you
i cant let you go
am complete when you are in my world
Babie am willing to give it  a second chance
please don't hurt me again cos
I love you

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