Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 28/10/2012

A beautiful Sunday it was, made lovely lunch for my beautiful family
Whoever who said time heals wounds was damn right
its amazing how am fine with myself
Am so in love with myself right now may be it did happen so i can deal
with me
Am spoiling myself like you do your lover, lovely msgs, nice lunch,
flowers, candy chocs,late night soft music
this will continue for months to come or may be all my days
I will work on me, have the best for me
i have loved and been betrayed
i have believed and my trust has been
i have had my dreams shattered by those i trust
i have had my future plans ambushed
i have had my heart broken
Its my time now
i will rock the world
i will travel far and wide
i will let loose and make my voice be heard once more
I will be and will have no apologies
Its time to be me!!

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