Friday, 2 March 2012

May be its time to let go

How long will i keep waiting for you
How long will i stay in the dark?
The stars shine no more
The clouds cover the sky
It’s very cold
Nothing to keep me warm

I have been here for so long
Am hoping against time
That may be you will come back
You will change your mind
You know
I love you
Should i wait?
What is the meaning of the silence?
That i can move on?
That you are no longer interested?

Why do people fall out of love?
Am too old to start all over again
It had never occurred to me that i will be heartbroken
We were ok
So i thought
What do i tell my friends?
Our parents?
That we are done?
Have you been living a lie all this time?

May be its time to let go
May be it wasn't meant to be

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