Thursday, 1 November 2012


The last two days i have not updated an item cos i somehow didn't get time to and also i unearthed more info
that isn't appealing.

I learnt he lied to me when he said that he was sick and in hosp and that he was late because it was raining and he wouldn't get the means home.
you see, i don't have a problem with him telling me that he is going out with his girlfriends and i would have felt appreciated.

This takes me back to zero. i feel i wanna leave like yesterday. He isn't worth my  forgiviness. I don't have much energy to keep me still in his life, i think someone else deserves to have my heart, they may treat it better and with caution.

No one feels good when the one you love keeps lying to you. He seem not to realize that he is living on diminishing mercies. A time comes when you got to put your guard down and take a risk.

i think i better die trying than die poor and unhappy. I have tried to forgive him, i have tried to love him again i will give a friend who has been eyeing me a go ahead. he may turn out to be a gem.

Why should i keep my heart in pain?
Do i really need these?
Who will i blame when i will be all old, grey and unhappy?

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