Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Princess within

Am a unique girl with a soft spot for writing
I love to have an audience with a reader
Am one of the most beautiful queens that ever lived
Am a great mum to my lovely children
A loving child to my parents
A cool girlfriend
Am gonna fly high like an eagle
I will not let life issues bring me down
I love with my all
I give my heart in return
In any case it’s broken; i will dust it off cry for days and move on
Am determined to achieve my goals
My children will have the best
They will experience the Best that this world can offer them
I may not be the best for someone but thats me,
but for sure am everything to another
and still i cant please every one
Am gonna let those who want to stay with me do so
And excuse those that will leave
Life hasn't been so good
But i have known to listen to the glow from within
Its bubbly and so alive
I whine no more
I complain no more
I live to the fullest
Am a rich down to earth girl with a legacy to live for
I will conquer the world
No one will pull me down
I will not give up
I will love again and again just in case
I will continue trusting my instincts
Meanwhile we will do skating with my two angels
We will go to the moon via mars
We will fly the man made birds
We will live and let live

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