Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Only Rose in the Garden

You stayed when even my closest friend left
You have been my supportive friend
You are my strength
When my world comes crumbling down
You always have a solution
You are an earthly angel
You are the only one who understands me
You are my dear wife
I confide in you
Because you are my best friend

It hurts when you doubt me
It pains whenever you don't trust my word
I would never betray such a lovely soul
Who would hurt such a beautiful persona?
Trust me when I say its you I love
I intend to keep the vow I made before God and men
That I would have no other

My weaknesses may lead you to them conclusions
Sweetheart I will be with you all my days
Rest Darling
Temptations are there
But you are always in my mind
Keeps the fire burning
You have me for keeps
By God's grace our marriage will work
We will work it out

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