Saturday, 3 March 2012

My wife

There are a billion women in the world but none is a lady like you
I gave you my heart you gave me your life
I offered a hand you offered a lifetime of happiness
I asked for love you gave me all your days

Your tenderness can crush an egoistic fellow
You have been with me all these years
Am strong when am in your arms
Am safe in your arms
Am healed in your prayers

Baby gal,
None is like you
You have given me three beautiful children
Whom you have been a great mum to
Do you see how they run to you for protection?
For assurance?
For love?
For comfort?
It’s all because you are our strength
Without you none of us would be here
We love you baby gal

Thanks for being a loving wife
I tear as i write this
I have no words
You are my life gal
Kisses and God bless

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