Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Toss In the Ocean

He isn't your average gentleman
He has upped his game
You want him by your side all your days
He is sensitive
He keeps his word
He is a great listener
He keeps his promises
A dinner under the waters was one of them
I didn't know the day 
I was sure one evening i would spend with the marine
We strolled the shores and later had a toss in the ocean

The evening was splendid
The stars rayed through
The weather was lovely
He wrote my name on the sand and said
“My Love all problems we face will be washed away”
As we got deeper under the waters
He reached to a rock and inscribed my name and said
“My love, nothing will wash away the love I have for you”

That's my man, he loves and loves
He does what the world shuns
He protects me
He praises me and strengthens my weaknesses
He is got a handsome lovely character
He got the face to die for
He is a blessing

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