Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Moment is now

Tomorrow is so uncertain
Friendships are uncertain
Relationships never seem to work
Marriages are no longer glamorous
Homes are breaking
Nations against a nation
Friend against a friend
Jobs no longer secure
The world is no longer safe
One may be long gone before getting to the future
Life can be uncertain

The only thing that is certain is now
And death of course

You told me this morn that you love me
You always do
I don't take that for granted
Life has taught me to enjoy this moment
Am gonna celebrate our love
Our happiness
When trying times comes,
We will sort those issues then

I don't wanna live to regret on
Why i didn't tell you that 
“I love you more” or
“I cherish you”
Am so proud of you my love
I really thank God, HE is a perfect matchmaker

We dwell too much on the negative
Forgetting life is about being positive
Having the right attitude
Not forsaking those we claim to love

I will make use of NOW to the fullest
I will not postpone what I can do now
I will do it now

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