Saturday, 10 March 2012

On the third day..

A virgin birth
Never heard before
Joseph the best gentle man ever lived
Although felt disturbed
It was divine
He took her in

She was a beautiful lady
I tell you even our LORD got taste!
She said “Thy will be done”
She carried HIM to full term
Born in a major
Humble beginnings
Humble Life
Taught about humility

He came to fulfill a prophecy
To set you free
It wasn't easy but He did it anyway
He cried for hours
He was wounded for my transgressions
Jesus went through it all for me
There is now no condemnation

He was crucified
It  was demeaning
It was painful
It was awful
But that's the only way you would be saved
Don't remain the same today
He arose the third day
Arise from your evil ways
From your wicked ways
Follow Him
You will not  regret

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