Saturday, 3 March 2012

Let me Have my Jesus

Jesus My Jesus
Indeed you are the Prince of peace
Lord of Lords
King of Kings
All Praise and honor belong to you

He has made my life worthy
He is the reason am alive and healthy today
He stands by me every day, every Second
He has made my life complete
He lets me share HIS richness with HIM
He says “this is my child”
He has brought light to my life
He is my strength
He is my closest friend, closer than a brother
He hides me from the enemy
He keeps my family safe from evil
He loves me still
He doesn’t keep a record of my wrongs
He forgives and forgets
He renews my faith everyday
He replenishes my heart by His tender care every day
He keeps my four parents loving and alive
He has kept me safe all these years
He has given me the most handsome hubby
A bright beautiful daughter
A beautiful life
What else would i ask for?

I run to HIM and am safe
I seek HIS face and HE tells me “I have been waiting for you”
He is all i have known all these years
I thank my parents for introducing me to Him
Let me have my Jesus, all ,my days

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