Sunday, 4 March 2012

Am Proud of you Dad

You are the Best dad that any one can ask for
The best friend one longs to have
Your tender heart has touched many
and we know it Best

You raised me up to a responsible lady
I look forward to raising my own the same way
Your words of wisdom will forever live in my heart
Am strong because you say a prayer for everyday
Am doing great because you wish me well
Your warm love is infectious
You have held my hand when am too weak to go on
You have instilled confidence in me that i conquer the world
I won't forget our foundation of love and love for Christ

I know with your blessings
I will achieve
I will go far
I will tell the world "This is my dad's doing"
I look forward to many more beautiful years together
I look forward to learning more from you

Am so proud to be your own
I thank God for letting it be this way
I may have let you down here and there
Forgive me

Am now all mature and grown up
with a family of my own
and can't help but approve every little thing that you said to me
i find myself doing the same
Dad, feel loved

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