Friday, 16 March 2012

The writing on the wall

We met and conquered the world
We dined and wined
We partied hard
Our future was one
We lived for each other
We were happy
We were in control
We shared a life together
We shared a legacy
So we thought
Until now
Our goals were different after all
Our take on issues can't be compared
Once we started living,
Our dreams took control
We now are complete strangers

No one wants to be the first to say goodbye
Although the writing is on the wall
Goodbye is painful
It's awful
It brings the worst in us
We have got to carry on
It's time to let go
It's time to break up

We are so different now
Our taste of life is like east and west
 Life has taken a sharp turn on us
I wish you well
I hope life treats you good

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