Saturday, 10 March 2012

Breath Again

Girlfriend its time to wake from your dream
He is gone
He will not come back
No matter what you do, it's too late
You said it too
That he treated you bad
That he didn't care about your well being
You cried yourself silly every night
Because he came in with a different scent of cologne
Of course he was seeing another girl
You know they do that all the time
Faithful ones are hard to find
They are like the purple gemstones
Almost infinite
The signs were there
He didn't respect you
He hit you often
He forgot about your birthday
He didn't even attend your party
He isn't what he said he was
You did your best but still lost his attention
He was in her arms, that's where he is even now
Although he told you otherwise, he lied he was always in her house
They also have a baby together
He lived a lie too
Cry no more
Rise up
The day is still new and fresh
You will find a prince charming
You will love again
You will Trust again
Life will give you a second chance
Give me a smile..

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