Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tears of my Father

My father is a wonderful man
In fact am looking forward to coming Father's day
Where i will spoil him as always
This time i will make it special so he doesn't forget.

He has raised the four of us in a family environment
He was the choirmaster in the house
He has made sacrifices for our own good
He has walked on foot so we can have a meal
He has done
And we have let him down
All his dreams for us have gone to the wind
We have turned out different than he expected
What a mess?
What a disgrace?

We all have turned to our own ways
The strong foundation of Christianity
He taught us and raised us by
We have let it go
No wonder we have turned out this way
We have now reduced him to a walking chemist
Pill after pill is the order if the day
Surely, siblings cant you see dad is suffering?
Cant you change your ways?
Why don't you leave your wicked ways and turn to GOD for
Forgiveness so our family can be healed?
Anyway each of us will repay what we are sowing now
double fold for causing him so much pain

This lovely guy enjoy his life
He deserves a better life
Dear LORD grant our daddy long life
Grant him a healthier life
I seek forgiveness from thee
On behalf of the other three
We have let him down
We have brought him to tears
Wipe them off
Let him enjoy the beautiful world you brought him
Thanks for blessing us with such a lovely dad

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