Thursday, 15 March 2012

Happy Birthday My love

When i asked for an angel God gave me you
When i told HIM to give me a friend
   HE said “he is more than a friend”
When i asked for a confidant
       HE said “take him, he is the best gift you will ever receive”
When i asked for someone i can trust
       HE said “don't you worry child, he will make you happy”
All these years (they have flown) we have been together,
          Although it hasn't been easy it has been awesome
Thanks For being so good to me
You are a darling
Thanks, for the compromise, for the love, for being a warm and loving friend
You are a cool company
A great soul to be around with
God bless you!

Whenever you step in you liven up a dull environment
You bubbly laughter is so infectious
You make every difficult situation look so easy
You support and encouragement is a plus
You keep your word
You bring the best out of nothing
You teach me resilience
You  teach me love
You are just the Best
If i went back in time i would still choose you

May every challenge you face make you stronger for the next
May every foundation lay bring forth happiness to those around you and the world
May you receive your golden gift from above
May every choice you make bring joy in your life?
May all fears you may face bring the successor in you
May every low tide be a stepping stone to greater heights
May you live long and even longer so i can be with you longer
May every encounter bring a great lesson to your life
May your love for me never die
May your heart remain tender and loving forever
May our good LORD forever do take care of you all days
  And hearken to your prayers
God bless so so much
And much more with a healthy, wealthy and beautiful years ahead

Happy birthday my Love
May you live long handsome
With Love.......kisses

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