Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Blessing in Disguise

A colleague laments how worse things have turned out in her marriage, i feel her, i have been in a worse trust issue
I wouldn't believe my ears, i managed to tell her to stay put and shouldn't give up on her marriage. i even suggested therapy. Did i just do that?
I somehow feel blessed  i have been able to almost get over this
Somehow there is a part of me that is healed, i feel i need to move over
I think every experience that comes our way will surely be therapeutic to another.
Appreciate every little thing that comes your way, it will shape your tomorrow
I have discovered you attract what you want to
If you feel negative, talk positive
No matter how hurt you feel, be positive,
It wont be easy but its worth it
There is pain in joy when you accept you wouldn't control that particular situation
We cannot control what others do to us but we can what they they make us feel
We create the world we want
I have gone to 'hell' and back and feel so happy to be over it
The experience will remain in my mind all my days
but it will only be a point of reference, i feel like a superwoman
I can face anything that is ahead of me
I now tell my hubby 'I love You' without harboring ill feelings or without any resentments
Am moving. am growing
Am winning this battle
Am a warrior, a conquer er
I will tell the world about it

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