Wednesday, 28 November 2012

MY two little angels

My babies keep me going,
They are my energy boosters, when am down they give me a reason to smile
They know mum knows best and i do
It really does feel great to nurture an innocent soul, you want to do your best, you wanna give the best.
I will stand firm to bring up responsible adults
My babies are my new love, Am all butterflies, the innocent smile make me weak in my knees,
They are the best gifts that our dear God has entrusted me with for the past four years.
What a beauty to see my heart literally walking beside me
I tear as i write this, they give me genuine love
They are so fresh, so pure you are afraid the filthy world
Having both in my arms is the best feeling ever, greatest experience one can ever imagine
I pray that they will forever remain close and they will make smart choices
I wonder what i will do when one of them comes home with a broken heart
I want to be with them every step of their lives
I want them to know mum passed through the same experiences and she got stronger
bless you my son
bless you my daughter

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